Manual / Semi-Automatic marking presses for fixed and serial number applications

  • An extensive range of hand operated and powered Presses
  • Easy and safe to operate with high productivity yet low initial cost.
  • Precision Engineered with low maintenance needs
  • Compact and Robust
  • Variable marking loads
  • Models suitable for fitting into automated production lines and machines
  • Comprehensive 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Regular marks even on irregular shaped workpieces
  • Compatible with many accessories in the Pryor® range
  • Design to Order capabilities

Although Pryor® has a comprehensive range of standard machinery to suit most applications, we also have a specialist design and manufacturing facility to solve non-standard, custom-built marking operations

Roll Marking offers reduced distortion in the component and the ability to mark thin, delicate or uneven components

Hand Operated Press
Easy and safe to operate, can be used anywhere in the factory and, as these are manually operated machines, guarding is not legally required in most countries in the world.
Pneumatically Powered Bench Presses
Easy and safe to operate, Pneumatically powered bench mounted Presses work on the same principles as a Hand Operated Press but with the addition of an air cylinder to actuate the ram.
Integrator Presses
Pneumatically Powered Percussion Press modules suitable for fitting into automated production lines and machines.
Hydro Pneumatic Presses
Designed primarily for marking, can also do riveting, bending, forming and piecing applications Pryor® expertise is used to design and manufacture special tooling for these Presses - even a complete turnkey operation can be provided.