Complete Range of Laser Systems

The Evolution of Industry
Laser marking systems have become an increasingly popular choice over recent years for companies seeking a method of marking that meets the changing requirements of modern industry.

Available as a stand alone system (shown right) for manual operation and simple automation.

Product Enhancement and Variance
The highest quality of mark achieved by laser marking is also exceptionally consistent and fast, with a diverse range of marking content possible on materials including metals and alloys, plastics, carbides, ceramics and glass.

Systems and Features
Laser system options offer the capability for producing surface markings with no discernible depth up to engraved markings over 1.5mm deep. Three wavelength options are available, all of which include advanced self diagnostic capabilities and laser focus and positioning aids.

Power, Speed, Aggression and Control
Patented End Pumped Coupling Technology is used to deliver excellent beam quality, high peak power and short pulse widths. The operators capability to precisely tune the power and frequency enables highly aggressive marking on metals whilst at the same time limiting the thermal effects for the marking of plastics.

Knowledge and Experience

With an extensive range of market leading laser systems, PRYOR have over 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing laser marking equipment as both stand alone and custom designed turnkey workstations. A comprehensive range of OEM laser marking systems, integration kits and accessories are also available.

Pulsed Fibre Laser Marking Systems:


Pulsed fibre laser can permanently mark a wide range of materials such as carbide, titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, (…). Pryor offers the most advanced pulsed fibre laser marking product line available:

Highest specs: 

  • Average power up to 50 W
  • Pulse rate up to 1000 KHz
  • Peak power up to 15,000 W
  • Selectable pulse duration available
  • Diode life exceeds 50,000 hours
  • Pryor pulsed fiber lasers are backed by 2 years warranties
Cost effective:
  • High energy efficiency                        
  • Fit and forget, maintenance free, no consumable costs
  • Diode life exceeds 50,000 hours
Small footprint and easy to install:
  • Compact marking head,
  • Small air cooled electronic controller,
  • Remote access possible thanks to fibre design



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YF10 & YF20YF20 Pro    YF50       

Laser Sample Mark 1

20w Pro Colour Range 2

  • Powerful permanent metal and plastic marking
  • Capable of indent marks
  • Suitable to most traceability applications
  • Cost effective
  • Wider parameter tuning
  • Allows wider range of applications
  • Higher max. peak power 15 Kw
  • Wide pulse rate range up to 1000 KHz
  • Selectable pulse durations 4 to 200 ns
  • 50W: Highest power available with pulsed fibre laser marking